Another Good Fall Morning

I was tired this morning and barely could pull myself out of bed after a late night at ToysRUs for #ForceFriday.  But it was a crisp and brilliant morning in the yard with two new birds for the year–a beautiful male Cape May Warbler high in my side yard, and a Tennessee Warbler.  Unfortunately both got away before I could get a photo, as did a nice adult Yellow-billed Cuckoo that flew across the yard and landed briefly in a walnut tree.

I did manage to get a photo of a vireo for the photo big year.  Unfortunately not the vireo I was looking for (Philadelphia), but at least a recognizable shot of a Warbling Vireo.

DSCN0636 - Version 2

Not the vireo I was looking for.

DSCN0640 - Version 2

Warbling Vireo–AKA Paleface.

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