Dog Days of June

IMG_2487_2 - Version 2

Summer backyard birding setup off my patio (near to far)–suet feeder, hummingbird feeder, black sunflower feeder, OldBird21c microphone, hawk watch chair, water drip (in back to left of spruce tree).

Migration has ground to a near stop.  A few birds are moving–I got two keep calls and one American Redstart call the other night–but things are way slow.  The first juvenile Northern Cardinals showed up in the yard yesterday, and bird song is much reduced.  It can take an hour and a half just to get my 20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement some mornings.  I will probably keep recording at night, just in case, but am being less fastidious about making daytime recordings.  I’m still watching the sky for some late migrants or flyovers but haven’t had much luck with that in the evenings.  It’s a busy month with my daughter’s high school graduation, out of town visitors, and scout camp.  But a good month to catch up on reviewing overnight recordings and to get ready for fall migration.

And hopefully still get a few new birds for the year!

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