MIA Code 2s

With the addition of Blue-headed Vireo and Golden-crowned Kinglet on October 5, I’m down to just 2 missing Code 2 Birds–birds that are hard to find, but expected in my yard.  The MIA birds are Great Horned Owl and Winter Wren.

In retrospect, I may have been optimistic to have included these two birds as Code 2.  I’ve only had Great Horned Owl once in each of the past 4 years in the fall and winter (ranging from 3 Oct 2011 to 17 Jan 2014).  Winter Wren has also shown up only 4 times between October and April over the past 4 years and I haven’t seen one since April 2013.

Both of these birds should be possible now, so I’m checking out the brush in my yard for the wren, and even played a GHOW recording the other night hoping to get a response.  Hopefully they’ll both show up here soon!

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