November 2015 Update

IMG_3981At the end of November, the 2015 Backyard Big Year is entering the home stretch.  Back when I started the year, I predicted that I would add 2 new species to the total in November–which actually happened with Winter Wren and Northern Goshawk this past month.  I wish I had been as accurate in all my monthly predications!

I was hoping to be farther along at this point, but I still have most of my night recordings to go through, so there will be more birds added as I do so.  Meanwhile in November I birded 25 days in the yard for nearly 55 hours–an average of 2 hrs and 10 minutes a day.  That’s a little below normal for the year, and as the year winds down I wonder if I spent enough time in the yard.

My eBird total is 150 species so far, with an additional 7 birds so far recorded by my OldBird21c mic.  When I started I predicted that I would add 2 more species in December.  Here’s hoping for something good.

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