Winter Wren


Drizzly fall morning in the backyard, 5 Nov.

Exactly a month after getting my last new yard bird for the year, I finally managed to spot and sound record a Winter Wren in my western side yard this morning about 8:50am.  Not the best recording, but actually pretty amazing since it was recorded on my iPhone6 using RØDE Rec LE.  All in a morning’s fun!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.36.00 AM

Screen capture of spectrogram of one of the Winter Wren call notes.

It was a drizzly overcast day, and I had just finished digiscoping a Great Blue Heron that flew in and landed on my neighbor’s small stock pond.

IMG_3988 - Version 2

Great Blue Heron digiscoped with #PhoneSkope #iPhone6 and #Kowa883 at 60x.

Now Great Horned Owl is the only missing Code 2 expected bird for the year.  Everything else is tougher to get–though this one’s apparently playing hard to get as well!  I’ve done a few owling attempts over the past month, both for Great Horned as well as migrating Saw-Whet Owls.  So far, no dice.

Not a lot of bird species in the yard, but a nice hour and a half of yard birding nonetheless (eBird checklist here).

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