Winding Up the Ground Game–31 Dec

IMG_4753Today is the last day of the 2015 Backyard Big Year.  Only a few more hours to add any new species in real time.

I currently have 161 species observed–including 155 personally observed and reported in eBird, 4 additional recorded by the NFC microphone, and 2 unresolved species groups (tern sp. and Swamp/Lincoln’s Sparrow NFC).  155 species ranks me 22nd in the 2015 eBird Yard Listings for the country, and 5th in New Jersey (though it looks like two of those NJ sites are not actual yard lists) and the best away from the shore.

I was able to find all 49 Code 1 and 40 Code 2 birds.  So far I’ve documented 54 Code 3 species, 15 Code 4 species, and 1 Code 5 local rarity.

So barring a last minute addition–what’s next?  I’m still adding species from the NFC recordings.  Most recent addition is Short-billed Dowitcher (Code 5) recorded on 29 May.

So what will the final totals be?  Hoping to have a much better idea as I go through the recordings over the next few months.

So stay tuned here for more additions–as well as analysis of the year.

And look for the book of my world’s smallest big year 🙂

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  1. Congratulations!! I have been following your Backyard Big Year since the beginning (I saw it highlighted somewhere around the turn of the year), and it’s inspired me to bird in my own backyard more regularly. That is an impressive number of species. I wondered if you have added any others from the microphone recordings?

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